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Lawyers | Ricardo Bacelar
Ricardo Bacelar
Graduated in Law from the Universidade de Fortaleza - UNIFOR.
Post-graduated in Business Law from PUC São Paulo, in Tax Law from Universidade de Fortaleza - UNIFOR and in Management and Public Policies on Culture from Universidade de Brasília- UNB.
Member of the Academia Cearense de Letras Jurídicas e da Academia Cearense de Retórica. (Legal Arts Academy of Ceará and Rhetoric Academy of Ceará).
Member of the National Commission of International Relations of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. 
Member of the State Council of Culture of the State of Ceará (2007/2015) and Vice-President of the Industrial Center of Ceará (2014/2016).
Post-Graduate Professor in International Law at the Universidade de Fortaleza - UNIFOR.
Author of scientific papers. Legal events lecturer. 
Active in the areas of business, tax, civil and administrative law, as well as contracts, copyright and intellectual property.

e-mail – ricardo@queirozbacelar.com.br